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Cooperative Union of Slovenia is a non-governmental organisation with voluntary membership. We support the development of cooperative movement and represent the interests of our members. Our mission is to stimulate and represent the sustainable development of cooperatives by working together for the benefit of our members and consumers.

Cooperative Union of Slovenia unites 71 agricultural, forestry and fishery cooperatives. Cooperatives, members of the Cooperative Union of Slovenia, have more than 15,500 members and employ 3,000 people. They generate an income over 700 million EUR per year. Cooperative Union of Slovenia is run by the Management Board, which consists of 16 members. Their work is monitored by the Supervisory Board (5 members). Individual areas of expertise are covered by expert committees and commissions in the framework of the Management Board of the Cooperative Union of Slovenia.

An average agricultural and forestry cooperative, member of the Cooperative Union of Slovenia, generates an income of almost 10 million Euros, has a capital of 2.7 million Euros, employs 40 people, and affiliates 217 members.

Agricultural and forestry cooperatives, members of the Cooperative union of Slovenia, operate in fourteen Slovenian regions all over the country.